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Center Stage the Letterpress Way

Eric is an ultra minimalist at heart. He came to us seeking a classic yet powerful letterpress business card. Anything classic definitely calls for an off-white paper. Eric chose the font, Copperplate Gothic. Which is absolutely a classic font, especially for letterpress, that dates back to 1901. It has a strong chiseled look that produces a crisp image when printed on a letterpress.

We printed these cards on 220lb Pearl Lettra, a 100% cotton paper, and inked it with 100% pure black. These cards may be super simple, but it’s a classic look that really lets the beauty and character of letterpress printing shine bright. And hey, it’s also very cost efficient. 1 color letterpress printing isn’t going to make your wallet shrivel up, and your design can range from super simple to complex. Although, sometimes you don’t need a fancy design or the triple duplexed, double run, 4 color, 2 sided, painted edged, custom die-cut card with Star Wars hologram to get your point across (though I am actually working on the hologram part as we speak). These cards, with their simple, clean, and classic look, get the job done just as well.

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4 Responses to “Center Stage the Letterpress Way”

  1. Luca says:

    These are beautiful cards. I would love to learn about the price/quantity.


  2. Carol M. Ring says:

    I like these cards a great deal, and would like to receive information re: price/quantity, etc. They are unique, and designed beautifully. Thank you.
    Carol Ring

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