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Denim + Letterpress v2

A while back we printed some cards for Kiya Babzani, and his wife, Demitra, decided she wanted some fancy letterpress cards of her own. Well it seems she has 1-up’d her husband unfortunately. We really enjoyed seeing this cards coming to life, as leprachauns riding unicorns paraded around the studio finishing the tasks like hand painting the edges red, and then tearing each label, then applying them one by one to each card. Okay, so maybe there weren’t leprachauns or unicorns, but don’t tell anyone as our reputation would be ruined.

We designed these cards for Demitra while trying to reflect her love (obsession) that she shares with her husband for denim. We printed a denim pattern over both sides of the cards in a nice contrasting blue, then printed the logos in metallic silver so they really stand out. The labels were then printed in metallic silver and red. The process was so worth it though, as the resulting card blows your mind. Oh, did I mention these were also custom duplexed paper from French Paper Co?

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5 Responses to “Denim + Letterpress v2”

  1. Bob says:

    Can you tell us how you did the edge painting? Great project!

  2. Lindsayanng says:

    Scott.. I have had the exact same problems! I have been DYING to do something like this for any one of my clients that walk through the door. Unfortunately ever printer seems to want to charge an arm and leg, and because of places like VISTAPRINT it’s hard to sell them on the idea of quality, beautifully printed cards like these

    One of these days I will have a client who will shell out the money for quality cards.. I am hoping that my next project is one of them!

  3. Scott B says:

    Hi there,

    These b-cards are wonderful. I have been flirting with using this label wrap concept for a while for my cards, but every printer quotes me a crazy price to print and die cut the labels. Can you tell me if the stock you used was actual label stock or if you are printing the page and cutting into strips, gluing, etc. Any advice would be appreciated.

    BTW, the hand painted edges make the card – excellent touch.


    • Chris Tipton says:

      Hey Scott,
      Sorry, I just now realized your comment had a question. We used a label stock for these cards, but we still cut it into strips and the two end edges were hand torn. Shoot me an email if you have any other questions about it.

      Design something up for yourself! 🙂

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