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Interisland Terminal meets letterpress

We were approached, quite a while back, by Interisland Terminal to print their beautifully designed cards, but we have been quite busy and have neglected the blog. We loved the design and knew they would be a perfect candidate for letterpress. The cards are 1 color in a nice charcoal grey paired with a blind impression for the logo. The combination provides a unique business card with just a bit of mystery because of the blind impression.

This job is a perfect example of how you can save costs with letterpress by printing more than 1 set at a time. We were able to run these cards 6-up, which reduces the press time and therefore reducing the cost to the customer.

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  1. Please do not go by my website for my aesthetic. I’m working on changing my image here pretty soon. I got your name from Ben Trevino. I’m hoping you are still having your intro offer and hoping I can get some cards made. I’ve got the basics, just need some serious help. : )

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