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Josh Can Help

Josh Can Help Business Cards

We loved working with Josh as he designed his cards with an old-fashioned theme. He claims to be a technology wrangler, as he helps his clients get a good hold on technology in today’s world. He wanted to use his business cards to have a feeling of old technology, which is where letterpress stepped in.

We printed these cards on Crane’s Lettra 110# Pearl White. The off white tone of the pearl helped give it more of an aged look rather than a bright white. An easy way to leave a lasting impression (oh yes, pun was DEFINITELY intended) on your customers is with a simple, expertly designed letterpress business card. By choosing only one color, the cost is affordable and will help you stand out amongst your competitors.

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  1. Josh C says:

    These guys are an absolute pleasure to work with… so much so, I was inspired to write about them:

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