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Letterpress Business Cards for an Architect

Tom McElroy is an architect located in San Francisco, California. He found us online, and placed an order with us immediately based on the fact that we’re so awesome. Ok ok… that’s not what he said. He liked our prices, but we’re still a little awesome…

Tom is a minimalist. We designed these cards for him through his direction. We offered up some pretty creative ideas, but it came down to the simplest in nature. These letterpress business cards are two color and printed on 80# kraft paper. We had some awesome kraft chipboard in mind, but it was too thick for Tom’s liking. We had our worries about the thinner stock, but we found out that it works just fine. Tom, what can we say. You’re the awesome one. You were our first official online customer, and we greatly thank you for your business.

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  3. salman says:

    u hv a good choice 2 make the card!

  4. johnna says:

    Very Nice! Great job, FI Staff and Customer! I’m excited to get my order complete soon -with the incredibly awesome Fresh Impression Studio! Nice shots… with tight depth of field. Good work. 🙂

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