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Free Design Services!

Free Pie (Design Services)

That’s right, we’re currently offering FREE design services with every order!

Now, don’t get too excited. We aren’t going to paint you the next Mona Lisa, and we’re not going to design you a brand identity for a multi-billion dollar corporation. What are are going to do though is offer up our creative services to design your next business cards, wedding invitation sets, flyers, special event invitations or tickets, product labels, ect ect ect… absolutely, positively free with every order for the entire month!

Why are we giving this stuff away you ask? Well, we’re new to the online letterpress world. This is simply our way of saying hello, just like new neighbors did waaaaay back in the day with hot apple pie!

So, here you go. Enjoy your pie! It won’t be here for long!

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4 Responses to “Free Design Services!”

  1. preston says:


    The free design service has no fine print or any strings attached besides it is included with every order.

    Feel free to shoot me an e-mail… and I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.


  2. Bob says:

    I tried using your contact form, but I received an error message so I don’t know if you received the message.

    What is included in free design service offer?

  3. Josh C says:

    Great idea, guys!

    I was thinking about a full letterpressed vinyl wrap for my tour van… I’ll give you a call

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