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Letterpress Holiday Cards

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

Wow! Time flies when you’re busy! Here’s some cards we printed back in December for CSX. We were absolutely delighted to print these. They were designed by the Robin Sheperd Group. We custom Pantone matched all ink colors, including the 2 metallic inks on the white card.

The first card is a nice 4 color train illustration. This card is printed on 110lb Lettra in Ecru. We printed 4 colors on the front, one color inside, a CSX logo on the back, scored, and trimmed to size. This design has a nice hand drawn feel to it, and registration wasn’t as key as it was for the next card.

The second card features a nicely designed 2 color pattern with CSX trains inside snowflakes. This type of design calls for accurate, hairline registration. With meticulous care, attentional to detail, and a lot of patience, hairline registration is not a problem. Once the plate is in register, it’s a piece of cake. Though it can definitely stress you out in the process.

I really like how well these cards came out, and I really like the designs RSG came up with for CSX. We look forward to printing more! If you’re interested in having company greeting cards printed up, let us know! Also make sure to plan ahead and contact us well before the deadline. As with anything awesome, it takes time to make it. 🙂

Limited Edition Letterpress Cards

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Marti Martin came to us with this design in hand. Her idea, print 250 limited edition business cards. She even left a space to hand number them before handing them out. When all 250 are gone, she’ll design another set.

These cards are printed 2 color on 220lb Flo White Lettra with matching edge painting. We ran these on the C&P with excellent registration. If any of you out there are having problems with registration, just slow down and take your time to get it right. Hairline register can be had on hand-fed presses just the same as any other. I really like these cards, they’re clean and the color pops. Good job Marti on the design.

I think it’s great practice for any creative designer to constantly recreate themselves or re-envision themselves often. If you’ve been holding on to an idea for something special, just use it, and use it right now for any project. Otherwise, you’ll carry that same thought for a long time to come, and your creativity will become stale as you’re focused on past ideas that you’ll never use. So, the lesson that limited edition prints gives me as a designer is, focus on the next thing and above all, stay fresh!

Creative Letterpress Business Cards

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Julie Martini of Martini Creative approached us looking for a letterpress business card to match what she had already going with her brand. Although, she was a bit stuck with design of the business cards. As we all can get sometimes when designing something for yourself. So, we designed this card for her and then gave her the file to use on other projects.

These cards are printed two color, brown and lime green, on Reich Savoy 118lb in Natural White. This print required some really good registration. Although, I did design the plates with some overprint on the edges of the logo to prevent any white space, we still have to make sure the registration was dead on. Everything went like clockwork.

Heidelberg Windmill pr0n

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

A friend of mine, Zack Kirkland, came by the other night to play with his new toy, a Canon 7D and a Lens Baby Composer. I’ve got to say that I think the footage and the editing turned out great! Canon has really stepped up their game. The 7d really takes superb video, and the Lens Baby adds great effect to the shot. The music is by a favorite indie electronic music producer of mine, Ronald Jenkees. Check him out, he’s all over YouTube as well. Enjoy the video!

So, that’s it. Good job Zack! Looking forward to round two. Maybe next time Fresh Impression will get some credits or a special thanks in the video. lol Just kidding. 🙂

Letterpress Business Cards on French

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

This is one of my favorite cards at the moment. Peter Gaillard did a wonderful job designing these cards and selecting colors that work perfect together. He also does some pretty snazzy design and photography as well. Be sure to check out his site.

These cards are printed on a custom duplexed 200lb French Construction in Steel Blue. It’s a two color print, dark brown and red. These cards also have teal edge painting, which really makes them pop.

Navy Letterpress Business Cards

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

Photographers love letterpress business cards. We have probably had more photographer clients than any other. And well, we think that rocks! Because it means the stuff we make is working for them. It’s helping them convey the thoughts of care and quality to their clients or potential clients. Matching the same care and quality they pour into their own work.

Rayne Pulmano’s cards here are simple in nature, yet classic, clean, and powerful as if he just stepped off a 50ft yacht with Mark IV in hand. They were printed with silver ink on Crane’s Palette at 134lb in Navy Blue.

Plike Letterpress Cards

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Say hi to Yumi Asai. Yumi is a designer, and a pretty awesome one, I might add. Does some sweet work for Nooka too. Yumi designed these cards and wanted to use Plike for it’s rubbery plastic feel. If you haven’t used or felt Plike before, you should order some samples from Gruppo Cordenons. It’s a pretty unique paper. It doesn’t accept the best impression in the world as it does have a rubbery character, but it’s perfect when you’re looking for a different feel. Almost as if it’s supposed to be a part of Batman’s utility belt, or some futuristic Navy Seal suit. That could possibly be a little too far fetched, but you get the idea. It just feels cool.

These cards are printed one color, black, on 244lb Plike in White, a custom duplex.

Lotus Design Letterpress Cards

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Lotus Design is an art, sculpture, and framing company with an eye for exquisite taste. They approached us to design a simple and elegant business card using their lotus flower icon. The lotus flower icon works well in a negative box with letterpress printing. Which allows the flower to be raised from it’s background. An outline stroke was then used on the same icon which was then duplicated in a circular fashion to create the top view of a lotus flower that is used for the blind impression.

We letterpress printed these cards on Bright White Reich Savoy 118lb cover with a light brown ink. Followed up with a blind impression (printing without ink). I love them, they love them, and I’m sure the people on the receiving end will love them too.

Hannabi Marketing Business Cards

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Chanie Kaminker approached us looking for a unique business card. The font had already been decided, the paper color was to be purple, and there was to be some kind of pattern on the back. We whipped a few drafts and after a couple of rounds of revisions we had produced exactly what was expected: yet another unique letterpress business card.

We used some 80lb purple cover stock. Each side was printed individually to allow for the most impression possible on 80lb paper, and then we duplexed it together to bring it up to 160lb. I was initially worried about the paper thickness, but the 80lb duplex worked quite wonderfully. The end result was very good quality and sturdy business card. The front is printed 1 color with silver metallic ink. The back is printed with a clear varnish to present a tonal tint using the paper’s natural color. Which produced a very clean and subtle look.

Every good print is polished off with a good cut. These particular cards were die-cut with 1/8″ rounded corner die. We find that corner rounders really don’t do anything but mutilate the papers edge. Especially with the cotton paper. I didn’t want to ruin these cards, so we opted to die-cut in order to produce 4 clean and perfect corners on each and every card.

Executive Letterpress Business Cards

Monday, January 11th, 2010

Meet Michael Allen. Michael is over at An executive search firm located in Ohio. Michael approached us looking for a business card that really stood out from an ordinary business card, but captured the simplistic, minimalistic style of his brand mixed with the company’s elite and professional character. Michael, meet the letterpress business card.

These letterpress business cards were designed here at Fresh Impression, using a simple grid or spacing pattern and the Helvetica typeface. They were designed to match the character of We had originally proposed a charcoal gray paper with silver metallic ink, but Michael was drawn to the thickness and texture of Lettra. As most are. So, we printed these in one color, black, on Crane’s 220lb Lettra in white. The cards were then edge painted black.

These are great looking letterpress business cards, and I believe they capture the ideology of his business very well. We’re brewing up some other projects with Michael. So stay tuned.