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Letterpress Holiday Cards

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

Wow! Time flies when you’re busy! Here’s some cards we printed back in December for CSX. We were absolutely delighted to print these. They were designed by the Robin Sheperd Group. We custom Pantone matched all ink colors, including the 2 metallic inks on the white card.

The first card is a nice 4 color train illustration. This card is printed on 110lb Lettra in Ecru. We printed 4 colors on the front, one color inside, a CSX logo on the back, scored, and trimmed to size. This design has a nice hand drawn feel to it, and registration wasn’t as key as it was for the next card.

The second card features a nicely designed 2 color pattern with CSX trains inside snowflakes. This type of design calls for accurate, hairline registration. With meticulous care, attentional to detail, and a lot of patience, hairline registration is not a problem. Once the plate is in register, it’s a piece of cake. Though it can definitely stress you out in the process.

I really like how well these cards came out, and I really like the designs RSG came up with for CSX. We look forward to printing more! If you’re interested in having company greeting cards printed up, let us know! Also make sure to plan ahead and contact us well before the deadline. As with anything awesome, it takes time to make it. 🙂

Limited Edition Letterpress Cards

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Marti Martin came to us with this design in hand. Her idea, print 250 limited edition business cards. She even left a space to hand number them before handing them out. When all 250 are gone, she’ll design another set.

These cards are printed 2 color on 220lb Flo White Lettra with matching edge painting. We ran these on the C&P with excellent registration. If any of you out there are having problems with registration, just slow down and take your time to get it right. Hairline register can be had on hand-fed presses just the same as any other. I really like these cards, they’re clean and the color pops. Good job Marti on the design.

I think it’s great practice for any creative designer to constantly recreate themselves or re-envision themselves often. If you’ve been holding on to an idea for something special, just use it, and use it right now for any project. Otherwise, you’ll carry that same thought for a long time to come, and your creativity will become stale as you’re focused on past ideas that you’ll never use. So, the lesson that limited edition prints gives me as a designer is, focus on the next thing and above all, stay fresh!

Creative Letterpress Business Cards

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Julie Martini of Martini Creative approached us looking for a letterpress business card to match what she had already going with her brand. Although, she was a bit stuck with design of the business cards. As we all can get sometimes when designing something for yourself. So, we designed this card for her and then gave her the file to use on other projects.

These cards are printed two color, brown and lime green, on Reich Savoy 118lb in Natural White. This print required some really good registration. Although, I did design the plates with some overprint on the edges of the logo to prevent any white space, we still have to make sure the registration was dead on. Everything went like clockwork.

Letterpress Business Cards on French

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

This is one of my favorite cards at the moment. Peter Gaillard did a wonderful job designing these cards and selecting colors that work perfect together. He also does some pretty snazzy design and photography as well. Be sure to check out his site.

These cards are printed on a custom duplexed 200lb French Construction in Steel Blue. It’s a two color print, dark brown and red. These cards also have teal edge painting, which really makes them pop.

Free + Letterpress business cards = Awesome

Monday, November 30th, 2009

We apologize for neglecting the blog lately… but we have been busy so stay tuned for some new posts. Some of ya’ll might remember a while back we had a drawing on for some free business cards. The lucky winner was Scott Pittman who is an aspiring photographer. He does some amazing work and hopefully these cards will catapult him to success!

Vertical business cards are the new black

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Commercial Real Estate agent Eric Rafia e-mailed us with a pretty sweet business card design he already had and said ‘I want something new’. On the first reply e-mail, my finger tapped the ‘A’ key after his name, and I hit send before I noticed it. Yes, I called Eric a woman right off the bat without noticing it. Luckily he was a good sport and didn’t run off. We worked with him and redesigned his business card and we think we did a pretty good job. We flipped the standard orientation on its side which created a unique card that people will certainly remember. He really liked the ‘blind impression’ he had seen on a few other cards, and he wanted that tied into his own card. We printed his cards with 1 color and then 1 blind impression on the oh-so-lovely Crane Lettra in the extra sturdy 220# weight in Flo White. This allowed for an amazing sculptural impression without any show through on the back of the card.

Paper Paper Everywhere

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

Photographer extraordinaire and all around amazing person, Johnna Brynn e-mailed us a couple months ago about a sample request. She had found us through a blog where one of our client’s cards were featured and she decided to give us a ring. Thanks to our amazing good looks and wit, we won her over… or maybe it was the free design services? Who knows.

She was in the middle of rebranding her photography business and needed to make a strong statement with her stationary, so what better way to do that than with some fantastic letterpress goodies to hand to her clients?


Letterpress Business Cards for an Architect

Friday, June 26th, 2009

Tom McElroy is an architect located in San Francisco, California. He found us online, and placed an order with us immediately based on the fact that we’re so awesome. Ok ok… that’s not what he said. He liked our prices, but we’re still a little awesome…

Tom is a minimalist. We designed these cards for him through his direction. We offered up some pretty creative ideas, but it came down to the simplest in nature. These letterpress business cards are two color and printed on 80# kraft paper. We had some awesome kraft chipboard in mind, but it was too thick for Tom’s liking. We had our worries about the thinner stock, but we found out that it works just fine. Tom, what can we say. You’re the awesome one. You were our first official online customer, and we greatly thank you for your business.

Sweet and Simple

Monday, May 25th, 2009

We printed these cards with the initial statement of ‘Have you seen Oceans Eleven?’ Evidently, Daniel Ocean hands out a calling card with only his name and a simple black border around the card. Unfortunately, these lawyers needed more information on their card than just their name, but it still came out great. They wanted a simple, but classy business card, so we decided upon a hefty 220# Crane Lettra stock, with black and silver metallic ink. The silver adds just a little subtle bit of x-factor when you catch it in the right light.

The back of the card is just their two color logo which features the lovely silver metallic ampersand.

Just Bloomed

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

Just Bloomed - Birth Announcement

A simple, but elegant birth announcement designed for spring. This announcement was printed in two colors on Crane’s 110# Lettra stock and came out looking fantastic.