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Why Letterpress?

This is a question we get often. Not necessarily why use us as a letterpress studio, but why letterpress? Usually this question is easily answered when somebody can hold a letterpress business card or wedding invitation, but sometimes people don’t always have that luxury (but oh do we wish everybody did).

Letterpress is a dying artform. Back in the original days of letterpress, the master letterpress printer could produce a print with no sign of an impression into the paper. Well times have changed and we think the beauty of letterpress is the actual bite or impression that is left on the paper. Letterpress leaves a lasting impression (there we go again with the puns) which will almost force your future client, or whoever receives the card, to constantly rub their fingers over it as if they are in a hyponotic daze while asking themselves ‘Is this the greatest business card I have ever seen?’. It is a great way to have your card be remembered by a potential client, or to cherish that special moment with a wedding invitation.