Paper Paper Everywhere

Photographer extraordinaire and all around amazing person, Johnna Brynn e-mailed us a couple months ago about a sample request. She had found us through a blog where one of our client’s cards were featured and she decided to give us a ring. Thanks to our amazing good looks and wit, we won her over… or maybe it was the free design services? Who knows.

She was in the middle of rebranding her photography business and needed to make a strong statement with her stationary, so what better way to do that than with some fantastic letterpress goodies to hand to her clients?

After weeks of sending proofs back and forth, she realized she likes to keep it simple. We finally agreed on the design for the business cards and she placed her order for some beautiful business cards printed 2-color on the luxuriously wonderful 220 lb 100% cotton Lettra in Flo White. She wanted matching notecards, but in order to keep the cost down, we went with a flat notecard (as opposed to a folded notecard), with matching Lettra envelopes. The whole stationary package together is sure to make an ‘impression’ with her clients.

Please check out Johnna’s amazing work on her site: She also runs a non-profit called Star Shooter, which allows underprivelaged children to use photography as therapy. You can get more information about her charity at