Denim + Letterpress Business Cards

Kiya Babzani owns several stores around the San Francisco area. From handmade Japanese denim to selvage edged shirts, Kiya can take care of you. We put together this design for him based on his somewhat insane obsession with denim and all things vintage. We printed the front side with a subtle denim texture in a deep navy blue, which slightly contrasts with the blue of the paper. We then printed silver metallic on top of that to give the information some pop. The back of the cards were a first for us, as we got to translate a sentence into Japanese for when Kiya travels to Japan to hand pick what he will sell in his stores. After we printed both sides, we custom duplexed the paper for that extra thickness that you don’t normally get in a business card. These cards will certainly stand out from the crowd!

Oh, and bonus points for anybody who can translate the sentence and check out some of Kiya’s fine offerings at!