fresh_letterpress_business_cards_marti_martin (2)

Limited Edition Letterpress Cards

Marti Martin came to us with this design in hand. Her idea, print 250 limited edition business cards. She even left a space to hand number them before handing them out. When all 250 are gone, she’ll design another set.

These cards are printed 2 color on 220lb Flo White Lettra with matching edge painting. We ran these on the C&P with excellent registration. If any of you out there are having problems with registration, just slow down and take your time to get it right. Hairline register can be had on hand-fed presses just the same as any other. I really like these cards, they’re clean and the color pops. Good job Marti on the design.

I think it’s great practice for any creative designer to constantly recreate themselves or re-envision themselves often. If you’ve been holding on to an idea for something special, just use it, and use it right now for any project. Otherwise, you’ll carry that same thought for a long time to come, and your creativity will become stale as you’re focused on past ideas that you’ll never use. So, the lesson that limited edition prints gives me as a designer is, focus on the next thing and above all, stay fresh!