Letterpress Business Stationery

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A Perfect Fit

Letterpress printing isn’t just for wedding invites or personal stationery. It’s also a perfect fit for your business stationery. From #10 envelopes and letterhead to special items such as promotional materials, company greeting cards and even hand written gift cards.

Custom Letterpress business cards with edge painting and a color flood

Business of the Card

The business card is one of the simplest and most impactful forms of information exchange there is. Letterpress business cards will not only allow you to pass your information forward, but will allow you transfer an additional sense of quality, character, style, and professionalism along with it. You will not believe the impact it will have, and the conversations it will start.

Letterpress Business Stationery


Letterpress printing the rest of your business stationery is how you can maintain that additional quality, character, style, and professionalism when corresponding with your customers or clients. For letterhead specifically, we can print full bleed, laser safe images on digital ready, cotton paper.

Custom letterpress notecards for business stationery.


Having flat or folded notecards for your business is an absolute must in our opinion. There is always a desire or need to send out hand written thank yous, words of advice, words of encouragement, congratulations, or well wishes. If you’re not doing this already, or worse–using your inbox–stop now and starting writing. There’s nothing better than receiving a hand written, letterpress printed note.

Letterpress Jotter Card

Jotter Cards

The Jotter card is a uniquely sized card with a single purpose: to jot stuff down. Sadly, it has almost entirely disappeared while having it’s job taken over by notepads, post it notes or worse, writing on a business card… (You know you’ve done it, and we’re judging you for that.) Letterpress jotter cards are a great tool to jot down information for your clients or customers while keeping the brand experience intact throughout your business stationery.

Letterpress greeting cards - company greeting cards

Greeting Cards

Another great way to interact with your customers or clients is with a letterpress greeting card. It would be a good idea to have company greeting cards to send out for birthdays or holidays such as Christmas or New Years. Letterpress, yet again, delivers the punch of quality and uniqueness that other print methods can’t. There is also a wide range of customization available when designing a letterpress greeting card for your business. Which can be accommodating for most budgets.

Heidelberg Cylinder Letterpress

The Great Unknown

There is a common misconception when considering letterpress stationery for your business; specifically business cards: it’s often considered to be too expensive for a large number of employees. While production intensive designs can definitely drive up costs, our ability to gang-run business cards on larger parent sheets allows us to be a bit more budget friendly. Don’t think about it. Just contact us for a customized quote.

Letterpress Business Stationery
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