Letterpress Design Services

First & Foremost

upload-icon-copperYES, we absolutely, positively print from provided artwork files. We just happen to offer, in addition to our letterpress printing services, full service design.

We do not charge for RIP-ing film negatives from a print ready file. If we receive a file that is not print ready, we will reject the file citing the issues and expect you to correct them and resubmit. Additionally, we will offer you our services to fix the file for you.


File Preparation

The first thing we offer from the design realm, is file preparation. While you may be a champion of design and an expert at file preparation, this might be your first time designing for letterpress printing. You may have questions or issues you’re not quite sure about. So, you may simply send us your composition files in the required format, and we can make them print ready for you by checking font sizes, line widths and spot colors, or applying trapping if required for a small fee. We’ll share with you the details of our changes when sending back a proof, because we want you to learn how to get the best results with letterpress printing.


A Good Bit of Polish

Next, we can give your artwork a good bit of polish. This would be for someone who is a novice designer. Someone who is capable of getting their ideas roughed in, but need a professional to tweak it until it’s perfect. That’s where we step in. Based on an hourly rate, we can take your concepts or drafts and complete them while maintaining your original vision.


From Concept to Realization

Finally, we can design anything you may need from a wedding suite to an entire brand; from a business card to your packaging. Typically, we start by doing research to find our what your desires are and how to best correlate those desires into the final design. We’re also quite good at designing for letterpress printing within budget. True, letterpress printing can become expensive when a lot of production techniques are involved, but sometimes we can keep things simple and search for features that make the most impact while being budget conscious. We have a few design packages available, but most of our design services are billed at an hourly rate.

Whether we’re designing a letterpress wedding suite to match your theme, decor, dress, location, and color palette, or if we’re conceptualizing letterpress packaging for your pre-existing branding… with over a decade of design experience specifically with letterpress printing, you can trust us to not only design something unique for you, but also produce, from beginning to end, something truly special.


Special Order Paper

Not only do our design services include creating the artwork. Additionally, we craft the projects we work on directly by focusing not only on how it looks, but also how it feels. Paper selection has a lot to do with how an item looks and FEELS in person. While we stock a good variation of our favorite papers, we also have a wide variety of special order papers available to us within just 2-3 business days with no additional fees.

Letterpress Design Services
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