Letterpress Greeting Cards

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To us, there are no better greeting cards than letterpress greeting cards. With the ability to customize every aspect of the greeting card from the size, shape, thickness, paper type and print method, there are very few limitations for creativity.

Greeting Card Sizes

There are a number of folded card sizes. Here’s a list of some of the standard sizes:

Standard A9 8½ x 5½
Regular A7 5×7
Medium A6 6¼ x 4⅝
Small A2 4¼ x 5½
4 Bar A1 3½ x 5½
Tall 8½ x 4¼
Skinny 8½ x 3½
#10 Folded 9¼ x 3⅞
Mini 3½ x 2
Large Square 5¼ x 5¼”
Medium Square 4¾ x 4¾”
Small Square 3¼ x 3¼”
pantone-matching for letterpress greeting cards


Our custom letterpress printing pricing is wholesale pricing. We do not offer any additional pricing breaks, other than those already configured when ordering a higher quantity.

christmas letterpress greeting cards

Not Just for Christmas

Custom letterpress greeting cards are great for Christmas cards, but they’re also great for EVERY other situation too. Here’s a list of some suggested uses:

Personal Stationery
Personalized Note Cards Thank You Cards
Couple’s Stationery Family Name Stationery
Business Stationery
Branded Note Cards Thank You Cards
Company Christmas Cards Branded Birthday Cards
Rack Cards Gift Cards

Letterpress Greeting Cards Pricing

Whether you’re looking for personal greeting cards, Christmas cards, or holiday cards for your business, we’d be delighted to print them for you. Use the button below, and request a customized quote.