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Fresh Impression Letterpress Studio is a letterpress printing company located in Panama City Beach, Florida. Near famous Seaside, Florida and Highway 30a; a very popular beach wedding location and a wonderful place to live.

Sunset in Panama City Beach, FL

Letterpress Printing Services

We provide high quality, custom letterpress printing services for artists, designers, individuals, businesses and anyone in between; including you!

Full Design Services

While we happily print from customer provided artwork, you may wish to utilize our full design services. We can design anything from a business card to an entire brand. View Our Design Work

Our Capabilities

  • 1-50,000qty Orders
    • From small to large; for individuals or businesses.
  • Spot Color Ink Printing
    • Up to a 12.5×18 inch image area with a 15.75×22.5 max sheet size. We do color floods.
  • Foil Stamping / Foil Printing
    • Up to a 9×10 inch image area with a 10×16 inch max sheet size.
  • Embossing & 3D Embossing
    • Cold and hot embossing.
  • File Prep
    • We can assist you with making your file letterpress print ready.
  • In-house Ink Plate Processing
    • We process our ink plates in-house for speed and quality.
  • Edge Painting & Edge Foiling
    • Color matched inks, metallic inks, or even metal and pigment foils.
  • Duplexing & Triplexing
    • We duplex & triplex in-house for custom paper thicknesses or for the ever appealing colored middle layer for added edge detail.
  • Die-cutting & Scoring
    • We have a stock of generic shapes & also offer made to order dies for custom shape cutting.
  • Label Converting
    • We can convert almost any sheet into a label in-house. This allows us to letterpress print on much finer quality & thicker papers for labels & stickers.
  • Corner Rounding
    • 3/16″, 1/4″ and 3/8″ rounding available, but for business cards we prefer to die-cut.
  • Saddle Stitching
    • 1/2″ Wire stitching with colored wire options available.
  • Some Gluing & Assembly Services
    • We can assist with some small batch gluing and assembly jobs, and have a resource for higher capabilities & quantities.

File Specifications

  • File Format
    • File must be vector format, Adobe Illustrator or PDF, with all text converted to outlines and Pantone Solid Uncoated spot color swatches assigned. We can work with some raster files, but they must be 800dpi or above.
  • Blind Impression
    • If you would like a blind impression pass, just assign the artwork with a 100% Magenta color.
  • Die Cutting
    • If we are going to diecut your prints to a specific shape, please make this outline (the cut line) have a 100% Cyan 1pt stroke.
  • Foil Colors
    • We have a wide variety of foil stamping colors available. Please make the foil artwork 100% Yellow, and specify in the notes which color foil you’d like. If you have more than one color foil, you can choose any color and just specify in the notes for now.
  • Line Thickness & Font Sizes
    • It is best to keep line thickness at or above 0.5pt and fonts 4pt or above. However, some extremely thin sans-serif fonts or serif fonts with very thin serifs, may need to be thickened with a 0.15-0.25pt center weighted stroke to prevent them from washing out during the plating process.

Questions & Letterpress Information

If you have any questions at this point, need more letterpress information, or if you are seeking information for press, please use the button below.