Letterpress Posters & Art Prints

Letterpress Exhibit Letterpress Posters

Do you love all things letterpress? We do too, especially letterpress printed posters and art prints. Other than being letterpress printed, everything else is pretty standard when it comes to printing letterpress posters. We offer free Pantone Solid Uncoated ink color matching with every order. Depending on your artwork size, color floods may require an upcharge (These machines can really drink some ink!). Also, on sheet sizes 12×18″ and below we can run a foil stamping pass for you.


Letterpress Posters: Sizing

So, we can print any size sheet up to 16×22.5″ with a maximum ink print area of 15×22″, color floods and all. However, below is a list of some common poster and print sizes:

8×10 8.5×11 10×10
10×14.5 11×14 11×16
11×17 12×12 12×16
12×18 12.5×19 13×19
16×20 6×18  

Portrait or Landscape Letterpress Posters
We can bleed the edge on any size 13×19″ and smaller. Likewise, any orientation is fine; portrait or landscape.


Paper Choices

We offer prints on French Paper, Gmund Colors, Lettra, Colorplan, Reich Paper Savoy and many more. Special order also available.
We offer all the papers you’re familiar with for poster printing, like French Paper Co’s 100lb cover & the 140lb Muscletone, Colorplan, Gmund Colors, Lettra, Reich Savoy, and Royal Cotton. Additionally, if you have something specific in mind, just let us know. If we don’t have it in stock, we can definitely order it for you.

Heidelberg Cylinder Letterpress

Letterpress Poster Pricing

We’d love to print your letterpress poster or art print project for you. So, contact us for pricing information by submitting a quote request today. If you have any general questions, please email us.